Twelve Sky 2 Review

Twelve Sky 2 is hailed as one of the best Free2Play Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) released by popular distributors ALT1. The series of action and events are based in Ancient China. Where there is conflict among three warring Clans. Players are brought into intense faction vs. faction system in a long time conflict in Ancient China. It is a large-scale fast paced Player-versus-Player battle system that also features a brutal death animation against monsters. It wages a never ending battle to obtain ancient holy relics that will allow players to destroy all enemy and remain strong in the region. Introducing new faction: the Nangin is now available but required a high level to join the faction.


The Twelve legions ruled for many years in the country and their realm is brutal and harsh. In the far northern, a leader opposed the cruelty inflicted to the people and his faction is the Nangin. In the southern tribes they began uprising because of the tyranny of the Legion Lord. To put an end to the conflict, Lord Chen devised a plan to take back the control of the sacred shards and combine them once again. Nangin has enough power to finally stop the inhuman suffering of the people. In the years that followed, the country was in peace and harmony. One morning the fury of the realm of Nangin was engulfed. A great plum of smoke cover the great Mountain of Yun feng Shan. The 12 legions arose again but, without a leader, they couldn’t control the tides of wars. The land began to bleed as the cries of people.


Getting Started

To get started, there are several choices upon character creation. I find that I can customize my character appearance and choose a Faction. Each faction has different abilities, as well different equipment to use.

Movement and Navigation

I find the movements and navigation by point and click using the mouse.

The PvP

The PvP battle in 12sky2 is quite boring because of the style and there is nothing special at all. The wars are classified in different brackets. The Holy Stone Destruction is my favorite one.


There are many maps to be explored and lots of enemies around. I found out that there is something lacking because most of the areas consist of tree and rocks.


Similar to other Online Games chatting modes: Normal, Party, Guild, Faction, Shout, and Whisper. The unique one is the Faction chat mode where the same faction can read its message. *Note: faction members at the same zone can read this chat message.


The graphics seems to be dull and lacks color combination. The character build-up is quite good enough. The environment setting is good but it seems that trees and rocks are in every corner. The monsters and bosses are just like a normal one, nothing is special at all.

As I started playing the game, I find it cool, but after spending a few hours of it, I feel unsatisfied with many of its features. I don’t recommend the game for MMORPG veterans.

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