Treasure Abyss

Namco Bandai will not let themselves get behind in the growing social games on Facebook with their release of Treasure Abyss. Be ready to explore pitch-black dungeons and loot the treasures waiting to be discovered at every floor. Explorers and brave treasure seekers, be ready to search for the treasures under the most unfathomable abyss.

With a lot of games now on Facebook vying to get the players attention, Treasure Abyss, however brings up a good challenge to really get the gamers to play. Explorers do not just dig the treasure just that easily but instead must enter unexplored dungeons and caves and seek their way to finding treasure chests. The challenge does not stop there as many hideous creatures await in the dark preventing from reaching the treasure.

If you have what it takes to seek this worldly treasures, be ready to be on your guard and arm your candle. You heard that right, the pitch-black caves are explored with your ever trusted candle that will help lighten up even the darkest night. But be careful, with every step deeper into the treasure you seek also burns up the life of the candle. Gamers must need good decision-making and planning if they ever want to get all the treasures before their candle runs out. With every wrong turn and mistake might lead to another blocked alley forever trapping you in the labyrinth-like dungeons of Treasure Abyss.

The games features a solid gameplay with both happy and dark moments. Players can enjoy the sunshine while in the surface buying equipment and visiting neighbors but will soon feel the challenge when they step in the dungeons. Also, one can choose a class or job that suits them before they go on an exploration in order to battle out the creatures that guard the treasures. It is best to play with friends as they minimize the loss from these creeps. Also, exploring is much more fun when you are in numbers.

Just remember one thing that not all treasures are what you seek, sometimes if you are really unlucky all you get are some common ones you find daily. Only the greatest treasures are hidden in the bottom most levels of the dungeon and really takes the veterans to challenge in getting it.

Have fun exploring and treasure seeking here in Treasure Abyss.

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