The West

The West is an online browser game that is based on the wild west. The game is developed and published by InnoGames, the very same developer of the famous game Tribal Wars. So it is easy to expect lots of innovative gameplay and cool features.Expect to see gunfights, duels and anything that has to do with the wild west in this exciting game.

The game is an RPG type where each player is given one character to control and level up. Inside the game lies hundreds of quests and tasks to help on the leveling part. Also The West have thousands of items and gears to choose from allowing for many character customization.

Quick Overview

The West starts of with a tutorial that teaches the basics of the game which makes the learning curve of the game much more easier. In the beginning it is best to click on the quest more often as it tells you on what to do next before you go on your own. Everyone start as greenhorn (the basic character class) in The West and can soon change classes once players reach the level of 10. To level up, specially during the early part of the game, players must work on jobs since this is the best to earn experience. Later on there are other ways like dueling in order to gain gold and experience. Each level up entitles character skill points and attribute points for character build up.


The Character menu lists most of the basic facts one needs to know with a quick glance. Displayed here are your:

– Profile Picture (the game allows you to choose with the predefined pictures in it)

– health points

– energy points (energy is used for working jobs mostly)

– traveling speed (in The West, characters movements are measured by this speed)

– duel wins and losses

Leveling up

In order to level, character needs to gain experience. There are three ways to earn experience in the game. The most common is to work on jobs, note that there are certain factors like motivation and luck that can affect how much overall experience you get from each job. Another way is through dueling other players, this type of gaining experience is rather focused on those aggressive and active players with a specific class designed for dueling. The last way is by completing quests given by NPCs. As you get deeper into the game, the experience needed to advance to the next level becomes higher.

In every level up, the player’s character gains 1 attribute point and 3 skill points in which they are free to assign in order to define their build. It is best to asks for tips specially on the veteran players on how to build up the stats or follow some guides regarding character development as this is crucial and affects your gameplay in the long run. In case of stat allocation mistakes there is the Shaman (available after doing a certain quest) which can re-skill points at the cost of certain amount of gold.

Also there are other ways to increase attribute and skill points. Some quests in the game rewards free points upon completion. Note that your equipment also can change your total stats. It is best to acquire those items and equipment that can give maximum benefit to your character build up rather than equipping random items.

Doing the Job

There are numerous jobs available scattered around the map. Each job is different and can range from easy ones like working on a farm to very risky ones like guarding a certain person. Note that every job varies in how much gold and experience you get. Also working on jobs may sometimes net you loot items ranging from common to rare ones.

Labor points show how proficient you are at doing a certain job. One needs at least a single labor point in order to work on a job at all. Increasing more will increase wage and at the same lowers the risk of decreasing your health points while performing the job.


This is the same as PvP where players engage on head to head combat. In order to start dueling, one must at least be part of a town and that town needs a mortician. T o duel, players must go to other towns to challenge other players.

Each duel last for 8 rounds. During each round each player tries to land hits and avoid at the same time. This is where your other stats  like attack value (needed to hit)  and defense value (for defense) function.

Aside from that, players can change on what to aim their gun at per round and where to dodge by going on the Dueling tactic page. This can only be change whenever you are not dueling anybody.

Town Management

This feature plays a big part in The West and much more similar to the guild feature in other games. This is where players bind up in order to form a strong union. Each town needs to be developed and it is up to the players to help on another to make the progress much more faster.

Some character class are designed for town development and it is very handy to have mixed character classes per town. Also note that each player can be part of a town only one at a time.

Fort Battle

This a cool feature of the game where hundreds of players interact in a huge battle. Players are divided into two: the ones that are attacking and the one defending the fort.

For more information, sign up into the game and start your own epic journey in The West.

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