The Mother, The King and The Queen

After last weeks Rikimaru update, Valve’s Dota2 has again pushed another awesome release yesterday (today’s friday in my time). This time, the game is available to beta testers with 3 new familiar heroes from the original Dota namely, Broodmother, Skeleton King and Queen of Pain. The game also includes the pause command which allows the game to have up to 3 pauses (timeouts) per player.

The new heroes look awesome, also their skills are stunning as well. Get ready to pwn other heroes with these as you play the game be it in the Dire side or the Radiant one. As every week goes by, the hero pool is increasing making the game as fun and diverse as it can get.

For the unfortunate ones who do not have beta keys themselves, including me, we still can enjoy this update by watching some cool Dota 2 videos from DotaCinema @ Youtube. I know you’re itching to watch them in action, so without further blabbering, here are the 3 new Dota2 Heroes.


Skeleton King

Queen of Pain

Thanks for watching!

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