Tetris Battle

Tetris Battle is one of the most played application game in Facebook today. With almost 2.2 million users per month, it is sure to be a big hit to the society. It is not a big surprise why this application game is so popular. It came from the original Tetris game which is considered to be one of the most popular puzzle games of all time. Being redesigned with new modes and features, Tetris Battle will surely get anyone’s attention. Along with the new modes comes the Tetris store that allows customization of bricks and other fun stuff for players to improve their game.

The game developers of Tetris Battle is the Tetris Online Inc. They had incorporated it with new game modes such as 2, 4, or 6 players’ battle. Players can choose what mode they want to play. These modes represent a social aspect which is very vital for a social game that can be played at a social site.

The game play is the same with the classic Tetris in a timed environment but with some lines you clear you can send them to your opponents play side to try and knock them. The game is quite fast paced as you need critical decision making and fast reflexes to outplay your opponents within the span of two minutes. To those who don’t know the game yet,you try to make and clear as many lines as you can with the bricks that fall in the screen, failing to do so will fill your play area overtime and will result to a KO. If you can outwit your opponent and make them fill their screens first, then that is a “KO” for you. If you can manage to get three KO’s out from your opponent in less than 2 minutes, then you win automatically. If nobody has been knocked out in the game after two exciting minutes, the total number of lines sent will be the basis for the winner. If both players have the same total number of lines, it will be a Draw.

To be successful in Tetris Battle, you must think quickly and you must have a strategy on how to make your opponent bend on their knees. Time is the most essential aspect in this game. It will also be one your opponents besides to the players that you will be facing. There are 5 stars that you need to fill in order for you to raise your rank. You will get the necessary stars after you win every battle.  Once you reach rank 10 in this game, be sure not to lose to any opponent. Every loss will deplete your star and your rank will be degraded after you loss all the starts you have.

Don’t be the last to play the game, try it now.

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