Starship Command

An RPG game mixed with a Science Fiction theme that can be found in a social website, now that’s what you call “AMAZING!”

Starship Command is an all out sci-fi RPG game which can be played in Facebook. It’s cool in-game graphics and sounds can easily catch any gamer’s attention. Furthermore, as an RPG game, its game style and game play resembles most other RPG games in Facebook. It means that any player who played any text RPG games will have no trouble with playing starship command and would really grasp well with the basics.

At the beginning of the game, players will be given an option on what side would they want to play, be it the Alliance or the invading Zigonians side. The game developers incorporated the game with a multiple account options which gives the players the chance to play in the alliance side and in the zigonians side as well. Once the players have chosen which side to play with, a series of tutorials will be given to fully understand the games rules, basics and goals.

The game is incorporated with a level-up system. Each time you accomplish a mission, experience points are given as reward. Gaining a certain amount of experience allows players to level-up making them much stronger and formidable.  During the tutorial stage, players are given basic mission activities such as combat and salvaging resources. The real opponents are dealt during higher level missions.

The game also has a Player-versus-Player feature on which each player can select the difficulty levels before they engaged in the war zones. You can fight other players with the same, lower, or higher levels than you have. A reward is given after you are victorious in the war zone. Fighting the lower level players doesn’t guarantee a victory for you. It depends on the weapons, armors, and spaceship you have. The better weapons, armor and spaceship you have, the better the chance of winning a PVP battle.

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