SSX sets the over-the-top snowboarding title

Update about EA’s first current-gen outing for SSX sets the over-the-top snowboarding title for a romantically timed release early in 2012. This summer will be never being lonely and most of our holidays will be more joyful this year. Twisted Metal and Binary Domain were already set for a Valentine’s Day releases, and EA has added its own game to the mix with the official SSX site is now listing a February 14 release for the over the top snowboarding title.

The game was originally announced as Deadly Descent and grim tone, EA make some additional inputs and other tone to keep the series lighthearted.

The game has new adventures without boundaries. Players are allow to free-ride virtually anywhere they want.

For SSX set for release on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. For more on the game, check out Latest preview of SSX.



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