Sony’s PS Vita

After a user in Twitter asked Yoshida whether it had been confirmed that the PS Vita would be region free, the Sony executive came up with a simple reply, “Yes, it is.” Yoshida didn’t indicate whether the PS Vita will be open through just physical media, or also in digital content. As of now, Sony has not yet responded GameSpot’s request for clarification.

Currently, with Sony’s PlayStation 3 and PSP, physical media is released region-free, enabling games that are published in one country to be played without hassle in other parts of the world. However, Sony’s digital strategy forbids/limits content to the region in which it is released, with access being classified by the region of a user’s PlayStation Network profile.

Earlier this week it was announced that the PS Vita will launch alongside 26 games in Japan on December 17. Sony expects to release its newest gaming hardware in Europe and North America early 2012.


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