Shakes and Fidget

Today, a lot of browser games have emerged in the market trying to get players attention with the gameplay and quality they offer and may have premium service later. Shakes and Fidget is one of those games, where it offers a gameplay that allows for casual gaming. Player actions are limited each day forcing them to play casually which is a good way to avoid quick boredom from just clicking. In addition to its gameplay, Shakes and Fidget offers great quality on its artwork and its interface. Premium service offered by Shakes and Fidget is done through a unique in-game currency called the mushroom where it can provide special bonuses if used.

Shakes and Fidget copies the World of Warcraft’s art design to make colorful stylized fantasy setting that depicts its amazing world for players to enjoy. Tons of artworks and designs have been put into the game for the viewer’s eyes to enjoy. Also each race has their unique features and expressions allowing for a unique character build up. The game interface is also done beautifully and is user-friendly allowing even a newbie to quickly familiarize the game. All major actions players take are put on a single screen in a neat way allowing for a smooth gameplay experience.

The game is similar to most RPGs out there where a player controls one character that starts out weak but grows stronger as the time goes on. What makes Shakes and Fidget different is that players do not travel on areas to search for enemies to get stronger and progress through the game, instead the game makes use of the Tavern feature, where the characters go and sign up of for the different quest the customers inside may offer. Quest can be taken up for a certain cost. This cost is shown as the ‘Thirst for Adventure bar’, the harder the quest the bigger the cost it takes. This bar limits players from doing many quests a day as it regenerates only after a day has passed. After the quest, players are to wait for the timer (this is the travel and completion time for the quest) before knowing the result. This allows players to do other thing while waiting for the outcome. With better stats, a better chance of having a good outcome is available.

Aside from hanging out the tavern, players can also enjoy other features such as the arena where they can test out their character with other players in a PvP battle to earn honor and gold. There is also the city guard feature where a player can do labor work for a set of time. This is especially useful as it does not cause anything and is perfect especially if you will be out for a long time. Players can just set a number of hours work and by the time they return they will earn their reward for their work. There are also the magic shop, weapon shop, and the stable where players can buy equipment, potions and even rent a mount which lessens the time in the timer.

Real challenge is available once the player’s character reaches level 10 as the dungeon tab now is open for exploring to them. In it are powerful creatures that may take some level up and character-enhancing items to conquer.

Tons of monsters, creatures and epic items are scattered around for players to encounter and find in Shakes and Fidget. Start now today and build a strong character worthy of battling and protecting the city of Shakes and Fidget.

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