Shaiya Online Review

Shaiya is a fantasy Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) released by popular distributors Aeria Games. Shaiya puts players in the medieval period were two factions are in the middle of conflict: the Alliance of Light and the Union of Fury. It is a solo or collaborative gaming for players to quest for glory, to form massive and powerful guilds to defeat huge and tough monsters in the game. Players will be rewarded new equipments in every successful challenge to make them dominant of power in Shaiya.


The epic story begins when the Goddess Etaine creates the world of Shaiya and the three races. The dragons, nordein, and dumianas live in Teos Epeiros. The Nordein who was born unfortunately with unflattering features that made them cast back into the soil to be forgotten. The Dumianas was born with a gift of knowledge and intelligence. In their arrogance the Dumianas ended the Goddess’ life with a piercing sword. The death of the Goddess left Teos out balance and unprotected. It creates series of supernatural events that cause occasional eclipses. The dragons hide their self in the world of Shaiya. The remaining Dumianas split into two factions and form the Alliance of Light and the Union of Fury. These both sides wage a never ending war over the control of Teos. Here the battle begins.

Game play

The game features its own unique set of races to choose from. They are the Humans and the Elves. Each race has its own set of classes each having its own unique experience to offer. Defenders, Fighters, and Priests make up the ranks of the Human race while the Elven race consists of Rangers, Archers, and Mages.

You begin your journey by creating your own character and choosing whether to join the Alliance of Light or Union of Fury. You can customize the appearance of your character to suit your taste.  Next is choosing the difficulty setting for the game play experience. The modes are Easy, Medium, Hard, and Ultimate. As you enter the world of Shaiya, you’ll find that the movements and navigational controls of the game are quite flexible. You can choose whether to use a mouse or the WASD keys for movements and navigation.

Like any other mmorpg, its battle system is quite straightforward. Your basic attack is as easy as clicking the monster with your mouse and casting spells using the keys assigned to it.

An mmorpg won’t survive if there are no interaction between players. Shaiya features its own interactive experience with its chatting system. You are able to communicate with everyone with ease and also helps you filter unwanted messages.


I find Shaiya’s graphics good. The character’s color combination is quite attractive and the color is not too heavy. For the environment colors, there is something lacking but the environment setting is good. The creatures are in basic form of art but because of the good color combination, everything seems good.

I find the game impressive and awesome but there are some features that I dislike. One thing I appreciate most is the uniqueness of the game because of its “Ultimate Mode” wherein a player’s character gets deleted upon death. Just try not to die, because in Shaiya, death is permanent. The featured events are good and are updated regularly. Some of the quests are not good enough but the overall effect is very fantastic and fun. I’d recommend you to try this game.


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