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As a lot of you already know, Dota2 is currently in closed beta and is still far from being complete. The game has been raising a lot of attention these days which made tons of fans out there desperate for beta keys to enter the game.

For those unlucky people out there, including me, who have no beta key we can only hope to acquire updates every Thursday of the week. (This is the time the game adds an update). With that said, as an avid dota fan, I think I will be posting the updates here as well to help spread the dota2 game to the others.

So far, in the past few weeks some heroes like Juggernaut, Kunkka (Admiral in original dota) and Bloodseeker have been added to the existing pool as well as a couple of bug fixes. The latest hero to be added to the hero pool as of October 13, 2011 is the deadly hero Rikimaru more commonly known as Stealth Assassin.

Rikimaru is an agility-based hero that takes the role of carry. He may not be popular in the competitive scene (e-sport) but is largely picked in normal games (public games). I think this is due to Rikimaru’s ultimate ability which is permanent invisibility which is why he is not that common in high-level games because he is easily countered by a lot of items (dust of appearance, sentry ward, gem of true sight, and Necro-summons lvl3) and some abilities where as in normal games he is less likely less countered as players act more individually rather than as a team.

Watch Rikimaru in action and learn more about this hero with this awesome video from DotaCinema. If you are interested in Dota2, I highly suggest you subscribe to his youtube channel as he offers lot of exciting and good stuff about Dota2.

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