Pig Up! gets updated with new features

The first facebook game from PopCap, PigUp!,  just got updated. The already exciting game takes it to the next level by bringing in new locations and towns for a certain distance traveled by your flying pig. Train your pigs now and get ready for some more air time by customizing your gears.

Locations are unlocked once you clear its distance requirement allowing your trusted pig to acquire some cool bonuses. Travel more and stay up in the air for a long and who knows you might circle the globe. Also the game now has a short intro in it.


Here is the official statement from PigUp! in their official Facebook page:

“Flyin’ friends! Experience a mad new version of Pig Up! All that flappin’ now gets you to new towns and new regions for new bonuses! If you’re vivacious and steadfast, you might even circle around the entire globe. Hearsay says a big pot of Pig Pence awaits that heroic pig! Ooh! Ooh! And wait’ll you try a SUPERCHARGED game. If you keep flappin’, you’re bound to find one – and ooooohhhhh piggy! That’s the way to fly!”

What are you waiting for? Ready your cannons now and send your pig flying on Facebook.

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