Pig up, Check the pig in Flight

Get ready to see some pigs flying with the new game called Pig Up from PopCap, the king of casual games. You heard it right, the game is all about flying your pig as long as you can in the air in the hopes of obtaining the highest possible score.

PopCap delivers a game that promises to deliver tons of fun with this title. The game’s graphics is done beautifully to match the quick game play it has. You can appreciate how the game runs smoothly and clearly which is the one you need in this fast-paced game. The game has no definite story line and it is just plain fun and short-time adventure.

Players start by shooting off their pig from the cannon. Once the pig is launched in the air, players must do everything they can in order to make the pig enjoy more air time. You might think it is just too simple, think again as there will be tons of adversaries in the form of those nasty insects to shut your pig down to the grounds. To keep your pig up in the air, prepare to dodge your enemies at the same time get all the apples that are floating. Apples allow your pet to stay in the air more as they allow your pig to flap in the air. Also, players can get bonus points and multiplier in their scores whenever they perform something extraordinary like performing some special moves and advancing to greater heights. As you fly higher the scenery also change to indicate the level you are in. Reach above the clouds to get the most multiplier available but be wary as the insects there are more in numbers and are much more aggressive. Your game ends once your pig is unable to bounce back from the earth. As you play more, you can unlock certain items to help your pet pig stay up in the air.

The game is good but still far from being played most as it quickly becomes repetitive as you play more and there is not much addition except for the unlock-able items.  Although I said that, this new game is still in beta stage, meaning nothing is set in stone and the game has more room for improvements and will be more polished once the final product is out.


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