Mousehunt is a browser game made by HitGrab that was made available to the public on March 7, 2008 on Facebook.  It is a game where you become one of the hunters armed with your trap and a cheese bait with the aim to catch the different mice that roam in  the Mousehunt world. The game is not the usual ‘sit and watch’ type but rather a ‘come back and check your progress later’ game. The gameplay is designed to be passive where it is meant to be checked every 15 minutes allowing the gamer to have free time to do other things like surfing the internet, playing other games or doing some work.


The game starts with a warm welcome from Larry who will teach first-time hunters the basics in Mousehunt. He will then give them a wooden base as their first ever base. They will then be given a choice between two traps to pair it up with their newly received base. After that, 10 cheddar cheese will be given as bait. Once done, the hunters are now able to ‘sound the horn’ to catch their first mouse.  As part of the training hunters will be able to sound their horns consecutively without delay for a few turns. Once training is complete the horn will only be available once every 15 minutes. From here on, hunters begin to start their Mousehunt career as novice. The Town of Gnawnia is the starting point for all novice hunters. As more mice are caught the rank also increases for hunters as well as the locations they can access.

The world of Mousehunt is populated by different types of mouse ranging from the normal brown mice to out-of-this-world type of mice like the Dragon mouse. The game also offers a variety of bases, traps and baits which can be bought from certain shops to help hunters catch the different mice located at different locations on the map. Hunters need to have a specific type of cheese in order to lure a certain mouse. Luring is one part of the game where the cheese bait and luck matters. The catching part is based on the currently equipped base and trap. Both are done by simply sounding the horn. To progress in the game, hunters need to find map pieces or certain loot which will allow access to other locations. Another thing that makes the game more fun and enjoyable is the crafting system where players can craft new items like traps, cheese, bases and many more  from different existing items which can be obtained by either buying from certain shops or as loot drop by some mice. Since Mousehunt is a facebook application, it  also has features for social interaction with other hunters. Players can brag about their Mousehunt profile page to other players and also they can have their friends sound their horn for them while they are away. Mousehunt Tournaments are also being conducted to encourage hunters to go on parties and have fun with their friends.

The Mice of Mousehunt

Each mouse in the mousehunt world has its own unique characteristics. The game boasts over a hundred of different mice to date each with their own artwork  and description. The artworks are done creatively and in great detail which portraits exactly the type and name of every mice. Mice in Mousehunt also have different preferences in cheese bait meaning hunters need to have their research done in order to catch a certain type of mouse. Also, each mouse have its own rarity and location where it resides which means that having the right set up does not guarantee a successful lure. Luck plays a big part in the world of Mousehunt.


Mousehunt is constantly being updated by the developers from HitGrab. From time to time different mice are being introduced into the game. Items like traps and bases are also introduce in certain occasions through Ronza the Merchant or special events. Some major updates include new locations which will hold new mice and a bunch of  traps, baits and items depending on how big the update. New content makes the game refreshing and more interesting for regular hunters and challenging for those aspiring to complete every mouse and beat the game.

About Mousehunt

Publisher: HitGrab
Category: Facebook Application
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