MouseHunt Locations: Gnawnia Region

The world of Mousehunt is a bit big and each location offers some unique traits and of course new mice. The places are separated by regions which at present are Gnawnia, Whisker Woods, Burroughs, Furoma, Bristle Woods, Rodentia and Tribal Isles.

The Gnawnia region

-has five locations: Town of Gnawnia, Meadow, Harbour, Mountain and the recently added location the Windmill.

Town of Gnawnia

town of gnawnia

The starting place of all new hunters and also one the only location other than the meadow accessible to any mousehunter regardless of their rank. On the map, the Town of  Gnawnia can be easily seen because of the huge King’s Castle it houses in. White, brown and grey mice run rampant in this place and it is the duty of new hunters to trap them since the effort needed is good for building experience for them. In case you need cheese supplies and new traps be sure to visit the local Cheese Shoppe and the Trapsmith here.


The grassy area located right next to the Town of Gnawnia is called the Meadow. This place houses some very weak mice which makes it a good place for those hunters that needs to build up on experience and gold. Also, hunters can be safe from having their supplies plundered since this  place does not allow stealing of supplies. Although hunters can safely gain gold and experience here it is not recommended to stay for large amount of time here because of low overall profit one can gain here. The unique trait of the Meadow is that the travel cost in going here is always 0 gold regardless of your current location since Larry will give hunters a free ride in traveling here.


Feeling the cool sea breeze?  You might be now at the Harbour. This hunting location which is  located lower right of the Town of Gnawnia  is accessible only for hunters that have the rank of apprentice and above. Mice here are a bit aggressive and are a bit of a challenge since they can steal gold and supplies from the hunters if they are not caught. No need to worry though because more powerful traps are also available for hunters to use. Hunters can expect to see new breeds of mice here aside from the common ones in previous locations. The Harbour only has one shop called the general store which is different from the shops at the Town of Gnawnia because here hunters can buy some items needed for crafting new items that are not available for purchase at regular shops.


mountain The mountain up north that covers the Town of Gnawnia is available for hunters with the rank of journeyman  and above. It is  great place for hunting  new mice especially the ninja mouse rumored to be carrying a map piece (this is an item loot needed to advance it the game) that will allow hunters to proceed hunting up north. The mountain also has rare mice not available at other locations so hunters must take note in capturing them if they want to get all breeds of mice.  Be wary though because the mountain is a dangerous place and no shop is available here, hunters are advise to stock up in  cheese supplies if they want to last long enough at this place.


Windmill is a location in the Gnawnia Region that has been recently added for hunters with the rank of Apprentice. This is located just below the Town of Gnawnia in the map. Mice here enjoy the simple life and hunters are sure to get a lot of breeds without difficulty because of how weak the mice that roam the place. This is a good place to start amassing the number of breeds that hunters can capture since most of the traps work here and with little effort on the bait department.

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