Mousehunt Locations: Valour Region

Valour Region

– The only region in Mousehunt that has only one area built by the king called King’s Gauntlet.

The King’s Gauntlet

“This many-storied tower is the King’s personal challenge to MouseHunters everywhere: anyone who can reach the top is among the kingdom’s elite. The King’s Gauntlet works on a tier system, with Hunters advancing to the next floor by hunting with cheese that they collect on the current floor. The Gauntlet is meant as a challenge for hunters of all skill levels, but in order to ascend to the very top, a Hero’s rank will come in handy.”

Description and Requirements

To enter this multi-storied tower hunters must at least have the rank of an initiate and obtained the King’s Gauntlet Floorplan from the Cartographer. Be aware that the tower is not for the weak and frail as it takes a long time to reach the top. The tower is made up of 8 “tiers” (also calles as floors). At every floor, hunters must collect potions needed to imbue cheese capable of luring out the next group of mice in the next level. Also, each floor may need different set up in order to maximize the catching rate. Once hunters have exhausted up all their cheese and tier potions before reaching the top, it means starting again over at the first floor.

Hunting Strategy

In the King’s Gauntlet, unlike in other regions, a hunter does not need to travel to change the mice they are attempting to catch. All a hunter must do is arm the appropriate cheese for the desired level they want to hunt in. To get the cheese needed to advance in the upper floors of King’s Gauntlet, hunters must need to loot potions from the mice in their current floor and work their way to the top through this method. The best way to maximize potion loot specially at the earlier floors is to use the trap set up with the highest luck possible. This ensures a lot of potions from the mice as luck plays a big part of getting a loot, also, note that the mice in the early floors are not that strong and average trap power is enough to handle them. As hunters progress to next tier, the difficulty also raises up and hunters must ensure they have the right set up as mice have different strength and weakness and can that can really be felt in the higher floors of Gauntlet. The earlier levels, hunters must focus on luck to net the most potions possible, while the later stage, hunters must focus on the maximum trap power and type to ensure the cheese and potions are not wasted.

The last floor

At the top of King’s Gauntlet lies the Eclipse Mouse. This is the only mouse available on this floor. It sure was a long way in reaching here but the rewards are the effort. Capturing even at least one gives hunters a big gold and experience reward. To ensure a high catch rate, hunters are highly advised to arm The ancient box trap as the eclipse mouse is very vulnerable to it. Also, eclipse mouse eat only the “Tier 8 Cheese” and anything but that will not suffice.

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