Mousehunt Locations: Whisker Woods Region

Whisker Woods Region

-has three locations:  Calm Clearing, The Great Gnarled Tree and Lagoon.

Calm Clearing

Calm clearing is the first location available in the Whisker Wooods Region. this clear land surrounded by a forest  is located near the Windmill area of Gnawnia. Hunters can begin hunting here whenever they reach the rank of journeyman and have collected the Whisker Woods Clearing Map piece that is drop by a Granite mouse in the Harbour. Some new mice are available here and hunters should be aware that the cyclops mouse drops the Great Gnarled Tree Map piece here. Also, this mice in this area cannot steal hunter’s supplies which is a good thing for those that are bringing lots of resources.

The Great Gnarled Tree

After Obtaining the map piece from the Cyclops mouse and achieving the rank of a Master, hunters can now hunt in the are around this very large tree. The Great Gnarled Tree is located just west of the Calm Clearing and hunters are advised to arm a trap not less than the power of the Swiss army trap if they want to have a good catch rate here. Also, some mice have bait preference here, specially the Curious Chemist mouse which is only attracted by a gnarled cheese. Gnarled Cheese can be brewed by getting potions from the different mice here in this place.

The Lagoon

After obtaining the map piece drop by the Fairy mouse in the Great Gnarled Tree and achieving the rank of Grandmaster, hunters can now try hunting in this dangerous watery area called the lagoon. Hunters are advised to arm their most luckiest trap if possible in order to have a good time here in the lagoon. Also, the lagoon boast a lot of new breeds of mice with different weaknesses and hunters need to adapt by arming the right type of trap in order to catch these rodents. Gnarled cheese and Wicked Gnarly are your best bet for bait when hunting here in order to attract the mice that inhibits this watery place. Located here, also is the ever dangerous Hydra mouse, capturing one of these might give hunters some light to the mysteries in the ocean located east of Gnawnia.

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