Mousehunt Locations: Burroughs Region

Burroughs Region

– located north of  Gnawnia past the mountains and still part of the King’s control with four areas: Laboratory, Town of Digby,  Mousoleum and Bazaar.


The Laboratory was originally use to research the minor mouse problem the Gnawnia was having. Due to some experiments, there came the rise of the new breeds of mice that actually overrun the facility. Now, mice have actually ruled the area and very few hunters dare set foot on its soil. For the brave hunters that would like to step in, they must have at least attain the rank of a Master and have the Laboratory Map. Some mice may tend to carry some radioactive stuff in here and hunters are sure to loot them whenever the chance arise.

Town of Digby

After the mice over overran the laboratory, the scientist created this subterranean city to continue their research. To enter this fortified city, hunters must catch the dwarf mouse carrying the Key to the town of Digby  wandering around the laboratory and with a minimum rank of Master. Be wary of the big boss, the Big Bad Burroughs Mouse that digs across the city, hunters must arm the limelight cheese if they want to encounter this mouse.


The location southwest of the laboratory is haunted by the spirits of the slain and some undead mice. The mice here is strangely attracted to radioactive blue cheese. Hunters must visit first the Town of Digby and get the Tattered Mousoleum Map from the zombie mouse there in order to enter this grim place.  Mousoleum is home to higher-leveled mice much more stronger than the mice from the previous regions but in return offer a nice amount of experience and gold. The only drawback is if once a hunter fails to capture the mice encountered they may steal points, gold or even multiple cheese.


The organizers of the Bazaar used to travel with the  ever mysterious Ronza and her airship. During their visit to the Burroughs Region these strange folk feel right at home that they decide to stay behind and set up their stores right here. The Bazaar is known for selling strange items in their inventory.

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