Monster Galaxy

Monster Galaxy have set a new standard in Facebook games.  Gamers will appreciate the graphics and animation of the game.  The artwork of the monsters is both cool and entertaining, especially since there are so many types of monsters.   A glimpse of Monster Galaxy, one can conclude that it is an imitation of the popular Nintendo game Pokemon.  About 120 different kinds of monsters, gamers can do battles, training, and capture them all.  The social mechanics of the game, enable gamers to ask assistance and challenge friends.

The quality of Monster Galaxy that set it aside from Pokemon, is that monsters are categorized from the 12 zodiac signs.  You can select a monster from the many choices in each zodiac.  Monsters’ characteristics and uniqueness are base on which zodiac they’re assigned.  Your monster at the beginning of the game will embark on a journey and battle other monsters which you can then capture and collect.  Monsters will gain experience in every battle won, and they become stronger every time their level increase.  New missions and maps are also unlocked when you reach the required level for them.  There are also items to be found, just like the star seeds, which can be useful for collecting monsters.

Monsters are captured by weakening them without actually vanquishing them.  A capture menu will appear below, whenever monsters is weak.  And you can see the percentage of the chance they can be captured in the star seed by clicking on the capture menu.  Comments will appear on the screen, aiding you in the decision in whether you want to capture the weakened monster or not.

The level of difficulty increases, as you go farther in the map.  Monsters are now harder to beat and capture.  You wouldn’t have to worry so much though, since some of the difficult stages are unlocked only if you reach the required levels.  The game is made fun by the different characters you meet along your journey.

The percentage chance of capturing a monster gets lower along the way.  It is important to gather as many star seeds, since a failure in capturing a monster would still consume a star seed.  Level up of monster takes too long, especially as you go higher.  Even though monsters look different from each other, their stats are similar on each level.  Each monster has a “zodiac attack” which can be used five times and a physical attack with 15 points.  “Zodiac attack” effectiveness varies, depending on what zodiac monster your going to use against an opponent.

Monster Galaxy, has already 6 million visitors every month.  And even though every fight takes some time to load, plenty are willing to sit back and take part in the action.  The story and characters are entertaining, players would be absorbed in collecting the monsters in the Zodiac.