Monster Fantasy

Tetris Online’s Monster Fantasy is a fantasy-based MMORPG where players set out on a quest to save the town of Middlewich from the dangers posed by the awakened monsters. What is great about this game is that you actually see the characters do their battle showing of their prowess and magical abilities and not the usual text-based fights. Another plus is it is available on the one of the most popular social networking site, Facebook and does not require any client download to play.

Monster Fantasy starts of with a story intro with beautiful cut-scenes showing off how great the game’s artwork. The story tells how a once peaceful place Middlewich has become overrun by vicious monster that have suddenly awakened, and is now awaiting for the coming of the heroes that will undo the disaster created by the monsters. The game features a very beautiful and rich  landscape for the players to roam and detailed characters with customizable gears and equipment. Also, the in-game tutorial gives new players the basics they need to know and helps them get the hang of the game very quickly.

The game has all the common elements an RPG should have: leveling, job classes, quests, tons of equipment, upgrades, crafting, and  more. Gamers looking for a lot of things to do are sure to enjoy as the game offers tons of things they can do. Tons of quests and dungeon exploring are present throughout the game making the gameplay more enjoyable and fun instead of the usual farming and grinding that is usual in most RPG games. Also, Monster Fantasy comes of with a built in chat system allowing players to actually socialize with real players and make friends with them.

The game also has the feature that allows players to team up to battle epic monsters that are beyond the range of a single player to handle. The power of allies and teamwork is needed to handle this type of quests which makes the game more fun to play with friends. Every game has its own ups and downs, and Monster Fantasy also has them. Some of the common problems of this game is that sometimes it lags really bad specially when many things are happening at the same time in a single screen, a typical problem among online RPG games. Also, the presence of the Item Market is a big no, specially the stuff they sell there. Some items sold there give a very big  disadvantage to those that do not want to buy with real money. Other than that, the game is really nice to play and gives off a relaxing atmosphere for the players to really enjoy.

All in all Monster Fantasy delivers a good game for players to enjoy specially to the ones that like the MMORPG genre.

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