MapleStory Big Bang

What is MapleStory?

MapleStory is a free-to-play,2D, side-scrolling MMORPG by Wizet, a South Korean company. A lot of versions are available for specific regions or countries, and each is published by various companies like Nexon and Wizet. One of the most popular version is the Maple Global of North America which has already applied the Big Bang update.

The game is like any other RPG game in which players travel across the game’s world which in this case the “Maple World” defeating monsters and enhancing the skills and equipment of their characters. What separates them from most RPG though is that the whole game is done in 2D and a side-scrolling one which is really unique. Also, players can interact with others through chat, forming guilds and parties, and a whole lot of ways like playing minigames and doing party quests.


Like most MMORPGs, MapleStory’s gameplay is about exploring places like dungeons, underwater worlds, etc and battling monsters in real time. Players defeat monsters to complete quests, which also let them acquire mesos (in-game currency),experience points and various items in the process. These tasks can be done alone but is more enjoyable if done with a party of players with has a limit of 6 per party.

The game controls are executed by using the mouse and keyboard. The keyboard is mostly used for controlling the character and executing most of the game functions while the mouse is use mostly for triggering Non-Player Characters (NPC), manipulating items and using skills in battle.

The game is set on a lot of “servers” most commonly called as “worlds”. In each world, players are allowed to create up to 3 characters at most but with the exception for those that bought a certain item in the cash shop. Each world is the same with the others in content  in the same version and is split into mostly 20 channels per world, among which characters are allowed to switch freely.

So what is Big Bang?

Big Bang is an event and also the latest update of MapleStory which completely revised the game itself. Big Bang is the event where the Black Mage, one true enemy in the game is resurrected by the Black Wings and transformed the world of MapleStory into a dangerously  different place.

The update itself aside from the story and plot also brings 3 new classes namely the Battle Mage, Wild Hunter and the Mechanic which are all part of the Resistance. Also MapleStory is forever changed as the world itself has transformed as well as the monsters that thrive in it. The world players used to know is mostly now jumbled up and some areas are made smaller allowing for fast traveling from map to map. Also, monsters get have been rebalanced as well as the job classes and their corresponding skills. One of the most notable changes is the experience curve needed to level up which greatly favors faster leveling in early levels. This has led to allow players to much more enjoy the game rather than mindlessly grinding for many hours in order to level up.

For new players there is a lot to do as there many classes to choose from allowing for varied gameplay and unique experience per play. For the older and veteran players there are new quests and new places to explore as well as the 3 new classes. The Resistance offers exciting new skills with the birth of the new classes.

The Resistance

The resistance is the flame in the darkness. They are the rebellion against the Black Wings and they will free Edelstein, no matter the cost. Using magic, natural skills and robots, new heroes will join the the legends of Maple World to battle the minions of the Black Mage. Hiding as ordinary citizens by day, by night a growing legion will band to overthrow the Black Wings.

Battle Mage

The Battle Mage is not your ordinary magician and is more into doing combo attacks rather than firing a wide arsenal of spells. This mage focuses on wand attacks and special auras in dealing with the monsters. Battle Mages are more like fighters but with a blink spell and some hooking abilities. Parties get a really huge boost if they have Battle Mages in their team as the aura also applies to all that belong in the group.

Wild Hunter

Wild Hunter is one the class belonging in the resistance that specializes in shooting arrows. Aside from archery, the Wild Hunter also has its trusted jaguar in which they ride. The jaguar allows them to travel fast and allows them to use skills only available to them like swallowing monsters and roaring enemies. Also what separates them from normal bowmans and crossbowmans is that they can shoot arrows while moving.


The Mechanic is a gun-slinger type of pirate paired with its trusted robot. The mechanic’s Robot serves as their suit and armor to battle monsters. The robot is designed to carry lots of weapons and special abilities allowing the Mechanic to engage monsters with ease. This class is released in the later part of the Big Bang update.

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