Mafia Wars 2 before launch

The original Mafia Wars of Zynga was one of the early games to take place on Facebook, an accessible-but-deep text and menu RPG that let players create a criminal empire from scratches. Mafia Wars 2 still lets you do that, but brings it to a more higher level.

Mafia Wars 2 features a story line (recent Zynga games have story integrated in them) in which your playable character just got out of jail. There is a lot of mysteries going on and as you progress in the game you will slowly unravel those secrets.

As you can see, Mafia Wars 2 brings the previous text-game to life in an isometric world. This means more modern visuals and graphics. You can actually see the city itself as well as the things going around. Take your time exploring them and you might get to go to other places too, as well as battle some boss characters. With that said, you will be undergoing a lot of battles to survive.

There are lots of battles in this game and it is best that you have your friends to back you up. Mafia Wars 2 being a social game makes use of the Facebook platform by allowing you to recruit your friends to help you engage on your enemies. In addition to your crime buddies, you can also use a lot of items in the game to gain the upper hand against the baddies that try to take down your empire.

The game also features PvP mode, allowing players to duel other real people in the game. Rise up to the rankings and prove to them all that you have got what it takes to battle them all out.

Players also get to build their empires here as well, start of with just a small one. In time you will be able to build a lot of building that will contribute you more money to take on the next stages of the game. The game offers players tons of things to do. Be sure you don’t get left behind.

Mafia Wars 2 is closing in on us, a few more weeks to go before the official release.

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