LevynLight is the newest game on Facebook from HitGrab, the one that produced the popular game of catching mice called MouseHunt (see my other post for more information) and the card game MythMonger. The world of LevynLight is heavily based on the universe of MythMonger which means players of the MythMonger will be able to see old characters, familiar locations as well as a bunch of new things added. Although it is based on MythMonger’s world the game is a bit different and takes more part of an RPG style of play rather than card type of game the MythMonger uses. The game is more simpler and enjoyable and does not involved complicated actions which was the case in MythMonger. If you are a fan of RPG type of games and the gameplay used in MouseHunt then you might want to try LevynLight as it packs the same style of play with new additional great features.


New players start in the village of Esert where they stumble upon old Enrick where he calls them ‘seeker’. Seekers are chosen one of light, born with an ancient and magical ability to find truths and unearth secrets as  what Enrick says. From here on seekers are entrusted of a quests that will allow them to become the hero in the world of LevynLight. After such words from Enrick, seekers start their training using the basic weapon ‘training sword’. Here the basics of LevynLight are being taught and explained to new seekers. They are now granted with the seeker stone, a stone that allows the bearer to seek enemies. The game will then enter a short tutorial just like in MouseHunt and MythMonger.


The gameplay is a bit similar to MouseHunt, LevynLight  uses weapon and equipment (trap and base set up in MouseHunt) with an additional support of accessories (new feature) and Energy Cards (cheese bait in MH). Also the horn’s counterpart in LevynLight is the seeker stone which gives seeker action points. What is different in here  is that LevynLight uses a new combat system that involves elemental advantages and disadvantages as well as the different traits of weapons and characters which were not present in MouseHunt. It is still a passive type of game which allows players to seek once every 15 minutes but added with a new feature which allows seekers to save action points (turns that the seeker did not use in the last 15 minutes) which then allows them to seek consecutively for many turns up to a maximum of 4 depending on how many action points the seeker has stored. New locations are accessible once a certain quest is completed. Traversing the world of LevynLight has two ways: first is the usual gold per travel and the second one is by using up saved action points.

The game follows a big story line involving MythMonger, the main villain, in which seekers try to do quests in order to progress into other locations and continue the story. There are numerous quests in LevynLight both involving the main story (main quests) and some side quests that allows players to have a breath of fresh air from doing the main quests. Most of the quest involves defeating certain characters and obtaining some quest related loot but there are also certain variations where the quest is timed. Each quest has a cut scene once it is completed and players can expect to see some once in a while since the game has many quests. LevynLight also introduces a lot of weapons, equipment, accessories and energy cards( used to fuel up the seeker stone) scattered all over the shops in different locations which makes seeking out enemies more unique and fun.

Character Card

LevynLight has a very attractive and well polished design that adds the feel to the game. Every character have their own artwork done in great detail and includes certain information be it description or some story  just by clicking the character card (characters are in card form in LevynLight, same in MythMonger). Every quest cut-scenes allows players to learn more about Levynlight’s world and its storyline.


LevynLight has just recently been open to the public and has released lots of new content after its last wipe out (game reset).

About LevynLight

Publisher: HitGrab
Category: Facebook Application
Official Website: http://apps.facebook.com/levynlight

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