Idle Worship

The game is coming on Facebook and is now on the beta stage. Prepare to experience a new and fun experience while playing this game as you take control of being a god of a certain island.

Idle Worship is a god game developed by Idle Games, in which players interact with one another for the devotion of little followers called mudlings (units in the game made of mud). Hyman, co-founder of Idle Games, described a gameplay scenario of Idle Worship in which one player could flick another’s mudling off of their island. The mudling would then land on an island elsewhere in the game, providing a way for strangers to meet each other through the game.

Expect to see some familiar game play like establishing islands and building bases in this game. You might think it is the same with other social games out there, but trust me, it’s different especially if you have successfully established your island.

What is interesting is that players can use their powers as gods in a lot of forms. Bless your mudlings with your divine powers, or punish those lazy ones. The game gives players tons of powers that allows for a more fun game play by allowing them to interact with the citizens of their island as well as other players island. Just imagine yourself causing wreck and havoc on other players island with your curses and calamity powers.

Here is a short preview of the game:

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