Icy Tower

Icy Tower is one of the most exciting games you will ever play in Facebook. The game is based on an old game ice climber where the aim is to reach the peak. What separates this from its old counterpart is that Icy Tower is fast-paced and needs quick reflexes in order to reach the top. Do not let your eyes deceive you, if you think climbing a crumbling tower by bouncing in the platforms and walls with high-paced speed is easy, you should definitely play this game. The game play and style are easy to understand and master and is a bit unique from other social games out in Facebook. Gamers should expect a lot of action and fun while playing and falling from the tower.

The rules and mechanics of this game are fairly simple, yet finishing the goal is another story. In Icy Tower players are to climb up to the peak of a crumbling tower by jumping through platforms randomly placed inside the tower or by bouncing on the wall with a high-speed start to gain momentum for faster climbing. Players should try reach as high as they can before they are caught up with the crumbling platform levels below them that slowly go down as time passes by.

The controls of the game are very simple and basic. You will need to use only the left and right arrow keys for your avatar’s direction and space bar to jump. Players should bear in mind that even though the game has a simple control setting, their success will always depend on their skills and fast reflexes. An additional tip for players to increase their success rate in conquering the game is that they need to learn to make combos from large jumps. But it takes time to master a combo jump in Icy Tower. Players should patiently practice to make these combos work and once they master these combos, it is sure for most players to easily complete a 50-floor combo with just a wink.

As an application game in a social site, Icy Tower should have a social aspect to it in which it is also found in the game. The developers of this game has incorporated it with the traditional “friends leader board” scoring for friendly competitions. Your friends’ avatar will be standing in their highest floor and once you pass by them, it only means that you have beaten their score or level.  The game also promises a Challenge mode wherein the players and their friends battle all out with their skills directly into the game. The game also features a cool selection of clothing and styling for the players’ avatar to make character customization varied. Also the game has numerous towers set up for players to conquer and brag about to their friends.

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