Heroes of Neverwinter

The Facebook page of D&D Heroes of Neverwinter has been updated with new details on how the game will be played, as well as bunch of in-game screenshots to give us a better look at the actual game. Besides its awesome game name, players will have to expect some deep character customization and strategic combat as they venture into the city of Neverwinter.

Here is the post from their Official Facebook page.

Greetings Fellow Adventurers!

Welcome to the second installment of Dungeon Diaries! Today we want to give a bit more depth on what the gameplay in Heroes of Neverwinter is all about. There are a ton of activities you can pursue in the game, but at its heart, we want to preserve the exploration, adventure, and social interaction that define Dungeons & Dragons.

Your adventure starts out in the city of Neverwinter, on the Sword coast of Faerûn . New players can chose from a “pregen” character; while more experienced gamers will love diving into our deep character creator (more on this later!).

Once your party is assembled and equipped, select an adventure and get transported instantly to the location – a mysterious dungeon, a network of dank caverns, a twisting pathway deep in an ancient forest, or any number of other deadly locales.

In each adventure, the player controls the movements and actions of their party members as they battle hostile monsters, confront devious traps, and explore ancient dungeons.

Combat is turn based and takes place on a battle grid. Tactics and strategy are paramount as the player maneuvers party members, chooses targets, and selects from a wide variety of available powers and spells. With each victory characters are rewarded with experience toward their next level, powerful magic items, and gold!

Next time around we’ll go into more depth on some of the cool locations you can explore with your adventuring party throughout the Forgotten Realms.

Until then, don’t take any guff from those kobolds,

Players will have the chance to customize their own character or using a pregenerated one. And from the sounds of it, the character creation is actually deep which allows experienced players to create unique looking characters. For the newbie ones, they can choose among the default ones.

There is no official news yet regarding the launch of this new action RPG. We’ll have to wait, be sure to check back here or on their official site for more details.

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