Hello Adventure

Though the game’s name does not sound that appealing at all, Hello Adventure manages to capture the qualities a dungeon crawling role playing game should have. The game found a very good formula that brings dungeon crawling genre to new heights on the facebook platform. Players will still be fighting bad guys/monsters, crafting tons of items, and collecting lots of loot and valuable treasures on their short breaks as the game can be played on short sessions.

Our hopeful hero starts out as an unnamed adventurer in search of, well, adventure (Hello Adventure!). There isn’t really much plot to Hello Adventure, but this does not mean that its quest will be less appealing. Instead, the game bombards players with tons of quests that ranges from easy to hard with a lot of variations. You’ll be traversing through a series of areas (dungeons, wood, castles), battling all sorts of foes, from evil baby spiders to humanoid bird creatures. There are themed areas, and there’s a nice sense of progression as you move from woods to deserts and beyond. Certain areas are only available if you have enough friends playing the game, which is a bit of a fail but you are never prevented from progressing through the main portion of the game.

As players embark on their adventure, they will be able to collect gold and experience of which they can use to acquire better weapons and armor. arming new gear changes how your character looks, which adds a nice touch to the game. Players also own a camp area where they can create new special items that allows them to do everything from warping to a new location to tossing bombs that can take out swaths of foes.
Hello Adventure does not rely on the energy points (the case for most games on Facebook)but instead makes use of a different system instead. The players can continue their progress depending on their health points, as it reaches zero players will be unable to continue their adventure as they are too tired and must recuperate first before going back again. The health points regenerate over time but you can also collect potions and cook food in the camp to replenish it. In lieu of that you can buy refills with Facebook credits. Though it’s clearly inspired by more hardcore action RPGs, Hello Adventure is actually quite casual in its approach. The combat is fairly simple and when you die there’s no punishment, you simply be put to camp until you rest enough to gain some more health.

Some of the drawbacks this game consist of the need to ask for some loot needed to craft some materials and the neighbor requirement. Most people do not like nagging their facebook friends to give gifts which makes this feature a bit of a disadvantage for them as some items cannot be acquired using normal game play. Some parts of the game needs at least neighbors in order to be accessed and is a big no for the same reasons above. Although, players can still progess the game without it, they will be missing what is in that area.

Aside from that though, Hello Adventure is a good example of what a casual action RPG should be. It’s approachable, addictive, and most importantly the fun factor is great. It’s perfect or playing in quick sessions because you can make some actual progress, but it’s also the kind of game you’ll want to keep coming back to again and again. And again and again.

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