Gun Bros Online

A game application that is more likely to be played by men, Gun Bros will surely give you the excitement and the thirst of action. Gun Bros is a shooting social game that can be found and played directly on Facebook.

The game play of Gun Bros is fairly simple. At the start, you will lead a small squad of men into a mission. As you invite your friends to play, your small squad will eventually become an army depending on how many friends you’ve convince to play. As the game progresses, you will venture into different planets to collect the so called “xplodium” which can be refined into coins after each intense battle. But getting this so called “xplodiums” is not going to be easy. You will have to battle out and shoot different creatures and enemies that will try to hinder your success.

The game also incorporates a level-up system. Each time you will kill an enemy, your experience points increases until it reaches a certain point which makes your character level up. The enemies that you will have to face come in waves. Each wave comes in certain group of enemies.  There are also boss levels in this game. The longer you stay in battle clearing waves after waves of enemy units the tougher the enemy gets.

The game controls is very easy yet challenging as the game goes on since enemies have unique traits by which require a bit of micro in order dodge and outplay enemy weapon fire and projectiles. Movement is done by using the arrow keys of the keyboard or the classic w-a-s-d movement of some FPS games. Aiming is done by using the mouse pointer. Shooting makes it more fun this way as you need to aim your guns to the enemy.

The game also has its own variety of goodies that can be found in the game store. These goodies consist of weapons, armors and power-ups. The armors have a variety of classes such as the recon, assault, marine, techno and stealth. Armors help your character/avatar in terms of attack, speed and defense. The store offers a variety of quality equipments for your avatar yet; its biggest downfall is that almost all the gears are sold via game credits and not from the game coin itself which means players are to spend real money.  If you are just an average player who wants to have some free fun from playing this game, then you only have a limited option to choose from the store.

The game’s interface includes a nice graphical background. The drawings and designs are very cool which makes it attracting and fun to watch.

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