GodsWar is now available on Facebook, one of the most popular social networking site of today. It is an MMORPG that is based on the Greek Mythology story. The game itself revolves around the time of destruction where creatures of all sorts roam the world. Since it is based on the Greek Mythology players are sure to run into one of the Greek Gods and legendary heroes as they progress in the game. GodsWar feature graphics a lot similar to Ragnarok Online but without the anime styled drawings. The view is in isometric style meaning players cannot rotate the view for their desired angle and is limited to zooming in and out which I find lacking in this 3d game.

Character Classes

As with any MMORPG, GodsWar also features the class system more like jobs in other RPGs. The game has four classes namely, Warrior, Mage, Priest and the Champion.Warriors in the game are like the tanking class, they have high hp and armor to be able to withstand enemy fire and aggression as their teammates kill the enemy. Magicians on the other hand have their own role which is mostly similar to most RPG games which is to nuke out monsters one or many with magical and potent spells at the cost of low hitpoints which is their biggest weakness. The Priest is the support type, another common class in most games and has one of the overused spell heal that really helps other classes whenever they are low in hitpoints. The Priest also has a lot of other supporting spells that can turn the tide even against the really strong monsters. And last but not the least the Champion which is really similar to the warrior but can dish out a lot of heavy damaging hits really fast. Overall I find the game lacking more classes to choose from as this is what really appeals gamers most, lots of unique and fun gameplay per class.

Factions and Guilds

Aside from the usual task of leveling up the character, GodsWar also features large scale battles between two factions: The Spartans and The Greeks. The concept is based on the Greek Mythology where these two meet in battles each attempting to become victorious. Upon character creation players are given the task to choose which side to fight for. Once the massive war begins, both factions will have to battle it out to gain control of the cities. For those seeking adventure, this is a must have since player versus player battle are in abundant during these stage and also players that joined the war can have access to cool titles and some quests.

Guilds are also available in GodsWar as with most MMO games. Guilds are not the same as factions and can be established by buying a guild stone through real cash. For hardcore players guild is a must as the guild and its members offer help to hard monsters and gives advice on what to do next in case you are at a confused state. Also Guilds are given the chance to choose what god to worship for which is one of the concepts of Greek mythology. Worshiping gods give status buffs and some other cool features depending on the god’s unique bonuses.


Forging is also present in the game, this feature is where players try to enhance their existing items to a higher level making it more strong and powerful. Forging can be done through inserting gems and other materials unto the item slots which gives different powerups. Most of the materials needed can be looted along your adventure and some can be bought in the market. Forging is easy but can sometimes be tricky specially when acquiring the materials needed.

Master-apprentice System and Daily Events

One of the unique feature of the game is the master-apprentice system. This feature is really handy specially for newbie players since at early levels their chosen masters can help them level up more fast. Also both the apprentice and the master benefit in this system as they get good rewards such as huge experience boost and money when leveling up. There are a lot of benefits when using this system and I suggest players use this unique feature of GodsWar.

The game also has daily events that players can participate into. Mostly some quest with level requirements that offer experience rewards and some good items. It is up to the players whether to participate or not or just do what they usually do as the event is not mandatory.

GodsWar has a lot to offer with their cool features. The thing I like the most with this game is that you can actually play it without having a client and is available in one of the most popular sites of today, Facebook. The game just needs a short load time and is ready to play once that is done. Also the master-apprentice system is definitely a huge plus specially to newbies. This system allows them to master and learn the game much more easily. Also there is the faction wars which allows player to do something else aside from questing and grinding.

As with any other game GodsWar also has its downs. One thing to note is that the graphics are a bit outdated compared to most of games of today. But considering it can be played directly without client, I still think it is still a plus on the developers side for bringing this game to life in the Facebook. Aside from the graphics, the game seems to lack sounds and music. The game could have more specially having music that could match the mythology theme. And lastly, as I have stated above, the game is limited to four classes which is too little to choose from. Most RPG nowadays have at least a dozen classes with a lot of branching as they gain higher levels.

Overall GodsWar is still very good and offers a lot of hours of fun.

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