Dragon Nest Review

Dragon Nest – a massively free to play  online action RPG where infinite 3D space combat gives you unlimited battle possibilities  produced by Eyedentity games in Korea. This game starts with 4 unique classes and has different skills and storyline where you’re the actor in the first step. There are lots of unique features that will motivate players to rank higher. Equipment can be found in dungeons by killing monsters. Experience the difference and feel the excitement.


Each character has its own unique story-line depending on your starting  class. The character will become part of the plot and completing the quests will help you gain more insight of your character’s destiny.

Game play

To get started, you create your own character which is gender oriented and customize the appearance that suits your taste. There are 4(four) unique characters of such warrior, archer, sorcerer, and cleric. Choose the best character that suits you. Characters are built with their own unique story-line as you follow the quests and level up. WASD keys are used for navigation. The combat system is not point and click but by using your cross hair. This shows off your personalized fighting skills in dominating monsters and bosses. The game will not survive if there’s no interaction between players and Dragon Nest’s chat system has all that it needs. Another good future is their combo system. Being able to perform nice chain of actions will help you earn more rewards when hunting.


The graphics is good. Skill animations are well designed and the color combinations are pleasing to the eyes. The environment settings and layout suits well for most of the quests. The bosses are also well thought.

I find the game good and impressive. This MMORPG has been voted in E3 as having the best PVP system for 2011. I highly recommend this game to all MMORPG veterans.

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