Dragon Age: Legends

Embark on an epic adventure on a world filled with power and magic in Dragon Age Legends. The legend lives on and is now available on one of the most popular networking site, Facebook.

EA has just entered the scene of Facebook social games and is ready to to battle it out on the growing social game market.Dragon Age Legends is the first official entry of EA on the Facebook platform as a free browser game, offering the same world as the console and the PC Dragon Age series. A lot of the big companies have already started venturing on the social games in the hopes of acquiring new potential players and win both in Facebook and the console games.

Dragon Age Legend takes off players with the player and class creation with a short tutorial about its gameplay. The game is still in beta and is done with colorful and wonderful graphics that really reels on gamers specially younger audiences to play. The actual battle is a turn-based one allowing for a not so fast-paced action allowing players to plan and move strategically to win the battle. Players need to think and decide rather than mindlessly clicking attack in order to win in Dragon Age Legends, this allows more room for innovative battles. The game also features castle creation, where players can make their own Castle with many customizations. The castle serves as the hideout where players can craft items, potions, and many more in order to help them as they continue their journey on battling tons of monsters. Dragon Age Legends allows recruiting of allies and this is where your friends come in. Friends can help you win battles as they can join the fight and change the tides of war. As of now, this is the only feature for Dragon Age in the social and department and no PvP as of yet.

Dragon Age Legends is a cool and great game but it also has some issues. The story is easily forgettable  and is not much as compared to the console because it is told through long dialogues boxes. The story does not really matter as most of the time all the players do are enter  in encounters, kill monsters, collect rewards after winning then rinse and repeat. Also, most items and weapons are sold for crowns which can only be obtained through paying real money which really takes away for players that do not want to invest much in the game with real money. This results in the gold (the game’s currency) not being fully utilized in the game.

Overall Dragon Age Legends is a good game and is recommended for players seeking new enjoyment on Facebook aside from the usual games like Farmville and the likes. For gamers out there, Dragon Age Legends recently just came out from closed beta and is now available to the public.

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