Dota2 – Mass Invites Incoming

For the unlucky individuals out there who has yet to grab a beta key for Valve’s upcoming game, Dota 2. This is now your chance to be included in the beta. All you have to do to have a shot in the beta is to visit the official site and sign up on steam and then take a relatively short survey regarding about dota. Beta invites will come in waves, so do not be discouraged if you do not accept an invite right away as Valve will be releasing more invites in the coming weeks.

Here is the official statement from the Dota Team behind this incredible game.

“We’ve just finished our first significant expansion of Dota 2 server capacity around the world, and that means it’s time to kick this thing up a notch. Starting this week, we’ll be handing out Dota 2 in increasing volumes. To celebrate, we’re releasing the first part of the official Dota 2 comic, Tales from the Secret Shop.

Once you’ve read today’s part, make sure you fill out the Dota 2 Survey in Steam to secure your place in the upcoming invitations (if you haven’t restarted your Steam client for a few days, you might need to do that before clicking that link). The extra data the survey provides will allow us to ensure we invite a wide spread of players and hardware.

One thing everyone will tell you is that Dota is a game that’s more fun with friends. Because of that, we wanted to make sure everyone we invited could bring a couple of friends – so everyone who receives Dota 2 will be given two extra copies that they can hand out to whomever they’d like. You’ll find your extra copies in the Steam section of your Steam account’s item inventory, and you can use the Steam Trading feature to give them to your friends.

Once you have Dota 2 installed, keep an eye on this blog. We update the game every Thursday with extra heroes, features, and bug fixes, and we’ll cover interesting elements of those updates right here. We’ll also be giving you some more insight into the development of Dota 2 over the coming months, as we roll through the rest of Dota’s many heroes.”

What are you waiting for, join now!



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