DotA Jungling Guide

We all know that the game DotA has a steep learning curve. Newbies often don’t stay around long enough because of this. What I can say is that, DotA, because of its intricacies makes it a more rewarding and fun game to learn. It takes time and experience to fully enjoy this game. My piece of advice to new players is that to be patient in learning the game. At the end of the road, they will be able to appreciate this game. Even the pro players learn something new with the games they play.

There are several guides out there to get you starting. Here is one guide that will help you master the art of jungling in DotA. I do not recommend this guide to the ones that are new to the game, rather this guide is for those that have relative understanding of the game.

DotA does not only consist 3 lanes, it also has a forest in between them in which neutral creeps/forces are located in. This ai-controlled units also give bounty and experience which gives players another chance to score up some levels and gold. This is where this video guide comes in to help players have a better understanding of the jungle/forest in DotA.

What you will learn in the video are some jungling facts, tips, and ways to abuse the jungle area of DotA.

Credits to Luminous for creating this awesome guide.

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