Dota – Guide to Aggro

Ever wonder how the pros do some of their moves in DotA? How they constantly beat you during the laning phase? In this short video you will learn some of the tactics they use to step up their game. Remember, knowledge in the game mechanics can help you win games.

Here is a guide to aggro that will certainly help you in many situations in this game. For those that do not know what aggro is, it is the programmed aggression/behavior of AI controlled creeps and towers. In this guide, you will be able to learn some mechanics on how the creeps behave in certain situations, like who’s their target priority, when do they change targets, and many more.

Enjoy the video! Hope you learn a thing or two. Apply it to your next dota games, and you are on the step to becoming a great player in DotA.



Video Summary:

0:18 – Aggro Definition

0:22 – Creep Aggro Facts

1:26 – Tower Aggro Facts

1:54 – Using Creep Aggro to Farm in the lane

2:28 – How to Harrass in lane

3:05 – Creep Aggro Manipulation (more tactics)


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