DotA 2 Coming this Fall

Dota 2 is just around the corner. In a short time we will have the opportunity to witness DotA 2 in action. For those who do not know what DotA is, it stands for ‘Defense of the Ancients’,  a popular Warcraft 3 modded-map. It is a map that has evolved over time and has become one of the most played maps in the Warcraft 3 game, it also is big in many parts of the world, especially China where huge amounts of money are at stake for the winners at DotA tournaments.  DotA 2 will be completely based on the said map and VALVe, the company behind Half-life and Counterstrike  is taking it to a new level by separating it from Warcraft 3’s limitation and building it as a game of its own. Expect to see your favorite heroes in action in this enhanced game with  more features and even better graphics. The game is set to have a large-scale beta this coming fall according to ‘Icefrog’, the current DotA map developer and part of the team behind DotA2.

On top of the beta this fall, VALVe also announced an international tournament with a price of a million dollars to the winners that will be held this coming August 17, 2011. During this time, everyone will get to see the first preview of the game that will be played by  16 renowned DotA teams in the world.

For a sneak peek at the game, here is the official trailer:

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