Diner Dash

Before the game starts, a player will have to customize his/her avatar. It is really exciting that you can chose the gender, hairstyle, age, and attire of you own character.  This will come as a disappointment though,  you will then realize that your avatars’ role is just to stay put in the counter and cook food while you control the waitress guide the customers, take their orders, deliver their orders and clean the tables.

Diner Dash is a management game developed by GameLab, published by PlayFirst. Notable for being one of the best-selling downloadable game series of all time.  The game already became popular in 2003, in Nintendo.  Diner Dash then ventured its way onto XBox and PS3. Later on, the Diner Dash star has brought her trademark brand of time management game play to the social network, along with that same sense of charm and style that has made the series so popular. .  Compared before, Diner Dash graphics’ now is simple, still it has the same game play that fans has come to know and love.

The main character of the game is a woman named Flo who quit from her job and decided to purchase a diner.  She is both the manager and waitress, and it’s up to you to make sure she does well in her new venture.  The goal of the game doesn’t only focus on efficiently serving and satisfying her diners customers but also improving the community’s park.  Just like the original Diner Dash game, you’ll start out waiting orders at Darla’s Cafe.  Customers will line up slowly in the earlier levels.  Sometimes a customer will line up alone, in pairs, a company of 4 and 6.  There are different number of chairs arranged in each table. Customers can be placed at the tables of your choice by clicking into them then dragging them to the location.  This is where you can apply your strategy, since it’s important to manage the number of customers with the number of chairs in each table.

Except from cooking, Flo does everything at the diner.   So customers will line up, and you’ll need to guide them to their tables, take their orders, deliver those orders, and then collect the bill and clean up.  There are different types of customers; there are the teenage girls whose patience, taking orders, and time in eating is just right; there are business women who are impatient at the same time quick in ordering and eating; there are the pensioners who are very patient but takes long to order and finish their meals.  Below the customers, are happiness hearts, that tells the mood of the customers.  Customers happiness hearts decrease while they wait, so players will need to serve them before they  become empty.  Empty happiness hearts will result to customers leaving your diner.  Different types of customers will line up at your diner, and it’s up to the players strategy who to serve first and what table they should be assigned.  Players speed is very essential, they should be quick in taking customers’ orders, serving orders and cleaning the tables so that the next batch of customers can occupy the sits.

Now fans can enjoy Diner Dash, as one of the games in social network such as Facebook. The graphics may have became simple and its micro transactions are a little heavy, still the fans can enjoy the game they have always loved.

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