Diablo III Runestones

Diablo III is currently under extensive development to ensure gamers will have the satisfaction and enjoyment of exploring the Diablo Universe again, once the game comes out on the market. A lot of testing and new ideas are being focused on to keep the game fresh and interesting. One of the new features Diablo III has to offer, is the Runestones. This is different from the runes you get from the Diablo 2 game as it is not used on socketed items and equipment, rather, these new runestones are used to enhance character skills and abilities.

In Diablo III, there are more than twenty skills available per class, and a player have the option to access up to 7 of those skills at any one time. Skills primarily enable characters to execute special moves and cast spells, but they can also activate defensive skills, summon minions or underlings, generate traps, or even allow the player to move across the battlefield through quick travel and escape mechanics. While these skills always gives players with tons of strategies and tactics for defending Sanctuary against the coming demonic invasion, Runestones allow players to customize skills by changing the way they look and how they function.

As of now, Blizzard has announced that there are 5 Runestone types available in the Diablo III Universe: Crimson, Indigo, Obsidian, Golden, and Alabaster. Each of these runestones have different effects on skills. One example is that adding a Crimson Runestone to a skill may strengthen its damage potential while an Alabaster Runestone may provide the skill with a stun effect.

In addition to the color of the runestones, they also come in different levels of power; the higher a runestone’s level  or rank, the greater its effect on the skill. Experiment, and discover which skill and runestone combination best suits your personal playstyle and be ready to battle once again the coming demonic invasion.

For more info about Runestones, visit the Official Diablo III site.

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