Diablo III New Difficulty and Beta!


Gamescom is finally over and with that we acquired good info from one the most anticipated game this year: Diablo III. Here is what have for players out there. The game will feature a new difficulty mode to be added to the previous ones (normal, nightmare and hell) and will be on beta this coming September.

Regarding the new mode, it will be called Inferno mode, this mode will by far be the hardest and will certainly be a challenge for hardcore diablo players.  According to Jay Wilson, Blizzard game director, monsters in the inferno difficulty will be a lot more tougher than their previous counterparts because  when a monster has more hit points and damage, it’s AI behavior is set to be a lot more aggressive. With increase in strength in the monsters, players will also be greatly rewarded with special loot not available on previous difficulties.

The September beta was announced by Jay Wilson during a Gamescom Press Conference. He said that Diablo III’s beta will hit by September.

This is awesome news for Diablo fans out there who has been awaiting the sequel to one of the most played hack n’ slash game of all time.

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