Dekaron Review

Dekaron is a free to play fantasy 3D MMORPG published by GameHi and released by Acclaim Games, directed by David Perry under the title “2Moons”. It is based on middle age European culture. Its realistic backgrounds and explosive action make this extraordinary game much like watching a hardcore action movie. Players puts into action and adventure, completing the quest and defeating monsters to gain experience. It has PvP option and PK (player killing) option outside the safety zones. Dekaron’s players ultimate goal is obtain GenoaCastle through a siege war.


In the beginning there were Chaos that created darkness and Cosmos made the light against it. They brought a continuous creation.  One day, Chaos and Cosmos gathered their power together to create the Trieste, the immortal land, and the time of amazing creation finally stops. There are two moons shine at night in Trieste. Long time ago there were war between goods and human. Kalizio held a ceremony to call creatures of the lower bound for the victory of humans and this trial led to success. Fortunately before dying, he succeed to seal Karon( who’s trying to destroy the Trieste) by closing the path, which he opened, to the lower bound. The monster dominates and kills all humans and all nations, culture and culture disappeared at once. This is the Grand fall of Trieste. Humans were fighting for survival and form the ark of divine valley. The monsters were defeated and disappeared in the lower bound but that was the resurrection of Karon. The seal of Kalizio is just a temporary remedy. Fortunately, humans developed new equipments and prepared new magic against it, which is named ‘Dekaron’ meaning resistance against Karon.

Game play

To get started, choose a class which is gender oriented that suits your taste. You can customize the appearance of your character. The maneuverability of the game is fairly simple, you just choose whether WASD on your keyboard or point and click using your mouse to move. To attack monsters, just simply use the mouse and click the monster to attack. The PvP system within the game lets you earn PvP points and reputation, PK (player killing) make you the most wanted player in the game. Sets of unique equipments will be found by killing monsters in the game. Like other mmorpg, chatting is also available for the players to communicate with each other.


The graphics is impressive and high definition. The combo and magic skills are good and has a nice combination of colors. The character build up is good and not too heavy in combining colors. The environment and monster are nice and quite impressive.

I find the game great and very creative. The most unique one is the fun side of the game which is fishing. The overall effect of the game is great. I will recommend it to mmorpg veterans.

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