Defense of the Ancients 6.72c

The awaited map update from IceFrog (the current map developer of DotA) on one of the most heavily played custom map of Warcraft III –  Frozen Throne is now available. The update focuses on balancing the existing gameplay  rather than new content. Such noticeable changes are the nerfs on the pushing power of Broodmother and the newly-remade expulsion ability of Pitlord. Broodmother has now less pushing power but her killing potential have been up a bit as her spiderlings now can deal more damage to heroes.  Also the rampaging Spirit Breaker also got hit by the nerf stick as he has been running amok in the public scene charging heroes he can permabash to death. The scene has been completely dominated by ranged heroes for a while and IceFrog in order to encourage the play of short-ranged heroes have again buffed the melee heroes. Melee heroes in this update have their collision size reduced to 12 from 24 allowing them to maneuver on the battle field much more smoother than before.

The map is available for download at:

For the list of all changes in this version, see the changelog details at:



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