Deep Realms

Deep Realms is a game made by Playdom on facebook. The game recently came out of beta and is now open for all players to play. Be ready to explore caves, castles and other mystical locations in search of hidden treasures in this RPG game. The game has ideal graphics and some cool and detailed monsters which gamers are sure to enjoy defeating as combats are simulated well and each character and monster have their own set of combat moves with unique attack animations.

Deep Realms features tile-based exploration and turn-based combat. Dungeons and other locations are mapped in tiles and are explored by players similar to that of chess at the cost of certain energy per tile and only a tile per turn. Each tile brings a surprise to players as the events are random. Some common events are just free gold or experience and the not so common ones contain traps that leads to a minigame, treasures containing loot and monsters awaiting combat.

The common free gold tiles and experience tiles are not that exciting and players are better of hoping for the trap and monster events that may come in the tile. Traps move players to a minigame where they need to avoid traps and find the hidden treasure chests in the minigame. And as for the monster events,whenever players encounter monsters in a certain tile, the game automatically moves into the battle screen where the outcome is decided on turn based actions. The only event that is not random is the treasure chests as players can clearly see a giant treasure chest sitting on the tile waiting to be opened.

There is also the town menu which is unlockable at level 5. The town has a lot of features: news post, map, arena, bazaar, boss fight section and as of now a locked menu. Players seeking player versus player (PvP) actions are sure to check arena as this is the place where they can meet other players and test their strength. The bazaar has a minigame where players can win some rare items while boss section is where boss help request are found. The news post is where daily news and updates can be seen and lastly the map provides the locations that can be explored.


Battling monsters in Deep Realms is done turn based where players are given a set of options on what to do in a turn whether to attack, use a skill or restore hitpoints. After using any of the options the player’s turn ends and the opposing enemies turn begins and vice versa. Players can improve their chances of winning if they have the right equipment and skills brought in the battle. Players can customize their gears and abilities whenever there is no battle. Note that up to only three weapons and active skills can be equip in the action menu and three passive skills on the other side. This limits players from accessing other weapons and skills and are forced to use the most suitable needed for the combat. This strategy is completely needed specially against epic bosses.

Bosses are epic monsters that are much different from regular encounters: they have huge life bars matched with strong attacks and abilities. Also, boss battles are in rounds, if the boss is not defeated within the specific number of rounds players will need to seek the creature again. Battling bosses also is better played with friends as they can help you quickly defeat the boss minimizing loss of hitpoints and energy.

Overall Deep Realms brings out a good game for most of the audiences and can easily consume hours upon hours really quickly. The only thing that most players hate is that the energy regenerates so slowly and some are forced to buy energy potions with real money to continue playing without having to wait for regeneration.

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