City of Heroes: Now Free

The superhero MMO is now subscription-free.

The Paragon’s City of Heroes, is now officially a free-to-play game, the studio announced they were making to switch the free-to-play back in June. Outlined to the best of their knowledge at the time of how the new business model would work.

As of these days, the model has gone into action. For this instance you can log on to their official website City of Heroes website for signing up and start playing for free. The switching comes with the brand new tutorial system the will help you to introduce new players to the massive buildup content. The City of heroes is 7years in operation, after all.

The switch also resulted in rebranding of the game, which called City of Heroes: Freedom. The core experiences is available for free, but the side missions are optional, have extra powersets, stuff and costumes can be purchased separately. You see more in our City of Heroes: Freedom announcement.

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