Call of Bieber

“Call of Bieber” is an action pack game in Facebook, that is a good news for both fans and haters.  Got the idea from the CSI series, where Bieber was gunned down dead by the police.  In this game players can now decide Biebers’ fate whether to change the event by defeating all the police or seeing Bieber die over and over again.

Bieber starts at the side of the van hiding him from the sight of the police.  He is equipped with a handgun, and there is a cursor for aiming at your target.  The police are accurate at shooting back so you must be quick in firing and hiding in order to take less damage.  You can avoid getting hit by the police by hiding behind the rock, bush and wall.  Hiding won’t win the game though, you need to come out and shoot back at the police.  Ammo is reloaded by pressing the space bar.  It is also limited and you can buy more ammo for the specific type of gun at the buy menu.  Money is earned in every stage and you can use this to buy ammo, guns, energy drinks and medic kits.  An image of Biebers’ face above the life bar, becomes disfigured and bloody whenever his life becomes critical.  At the menu you can also input cheats to make Bieber invincible, have more money, increase his speed, go to the next round, turn Bieber into a midget and even kill Bieber.

The imitation of Bieber into a cartoon in the game is good.  They really did good especially on his hair.  It is a little violent since blood would spurt out from Bieber everytime he gets hit.  And his face becomes disfigured and bloody whenever his life becomes critical. But the game is fun though..not challenging but fun.  Fans and haters would enjoy this game, let him win gallantly or let him die brutally at the hands of the police.