Backyard Monsters

Backyard Monsters is an application game in Facebook which mixes war strategy and monster breeding.  It is far more different from other application games in Facebook which offers almost the same game play, rules, and goals. In Backyard Monsters, it is all about the monsters at war and the backyard they house in. Its either enemy monsters will attack you and your yard or you alone will launch the first strike to your friend’s backyard with your monsters. It’s like what the saying goes “destroy or be destroyed.”

Backyard Monsters gives you an array of things to tinker with which makes you want to play the game. It is in a 2D isometric view and its graphic and animations will surely catch your attention as it runs fluidly. The game begins with a tutorial which tells you the basics of the game.  Players start by building their own little backyard for their monsters to thrive in. Little by little, players will upgrade their so-called town and it will essentially grow to become an empire. Of course, enemy monsters will try to hinder the player’s progress and destroy their backyard and it is their duty to defend the alien-like monsters while upgrading their buildings.

Upgrading requires resources and materials which can be gathered using the workers and their respective buildings. The materials that are essential in the game are: Twiggs, Pebbles, Putty, and Goo. Each of these resources is gathered from the player’s buildings. The Twig snapper building is where Twiggs are harvested while the Pebble shiner is responsible for the gathering of Pebbles. The Goo Factory and Putty Squisher are the sole producers of Goo and Putty in the game. The production of these materials consumes a lot of time. It means that after harvesting, the players would once again wait to fully harvest these materials. There are other ways to fasten the production of these said materials, and that is to try to attack and plunder enemy backyards for their resources or by attacking monster clans which are already program in the game.  The games currency is known as “shiny” which indicates how shiny gold coins are.

The game also gives you an option to redecorate the monster’s backyard. Players can move any building in an area of their choice. Most graphic games in Facebook tend to lag, have unwanted disconnections in the game and frustrating delays, this is where Backyard Monster has its advantage because the game runs smoothly during playtime. The game automatically disconnects after you idled for too long, which explains how the server maintains a smooth and lag-free game.  Overall, Backyard Monsters is a good game to play on your free time. Start building your backyard and prepare to “destroy or be destroyed” with your friends.

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