AWOL is a game in Facebook developed by Electronic Arts.  It is a 2D, side scroll type of game where you should escape from enemy lines.  You can race with your friends and determine who got the highest record.

The mechanics are simple, you can’t stop your a character from running but you can make him jump to avoid obstacles.  You will run into walls of sandbags, wrecked cars, and dead end roads.  Failing to jump on time will definitely destroy your character.  And in addition to the obstacles, you must also avoid the launched rockets that will land in front of you.There are 3 types of jumps which you can execute; the small jump by tapping the space bar, high jump by a long a press on the space bar, and double jump by pressing the space bar twice.  The game may look simple at first but as your character gain momentum it gets nearly impossible to jump on time.  You can also run into vehicles which you can use as transport, and fire bullets to destroy the blockades in front.  Your transport though is only temporary and it explodes if you exhaust its ammunition.

You will definitely find AWOL a challenging game.  Players will get hooked at the game, for the desire of reaching the highest score and beating their friends record.  You can try and try playing, thinking you have determined what made you fail.  But the obstacles in the game changes, the wrecked cars will show up early and the dead end roads is not where it use to be.  Don’ make the mistake of thinking the game is simple, it requires quick thinking and fast reflex to at least reach a high score.  You will worry to much of not being killed that you will end up jumping and avoiding the vehicle that can be used as transport that can aid you in destroying blockades.

The game is both thrilling and exciting. The graphics ain’t so bad either being 2D.  Reach the top score and brag to your friends by taunting them.  AWOL is a challenging game that will test your quick thinking and fast reflex.