Another new game comes to facebook, this time it is about aviation. Aviator is a refreshing game that allows players to fly their own plane and do trading to achieve fame and glory. The game requires no download at all and loading time is so short which makes it awesome as the game delivers likable graphics and good gameplay.

The game is set on the year 1930 and players start by choosing a character: either a male aviator or a female one. The journey begins with our humble aviator spending all his/her remaining money on a small plane in Africa. The tutorial then flies in and the game will teach you the basics. Player will learn how to navigate across the screen as well as understand the game mechanics in the tutorial. After the short intro, players will be on their own. With that said, there are tons of things to do in Aviator, you can buy and trade, allow passengers to board on your plane, deliver goods, buy new places, make deals and even discover new flight routes. As the game progresses on, you can visit new places and even customize your plane in order to meet the new challenges ahead as an aviator.

One must be knowledgeable in the in-game market in order to amass wealth quickly which allows players to purchase new upgrades and new flight routes for their plane. The game requires simple thinking and calculation in order for players to capitalize on the simple game mechanics. Once you get the hang of the game, you will be able to even go across other continents as  you continue deeper in your plane games.

What discourages me in this game is that there is there certain task in which you must need a friend invite in order to purchase the next plane upgrade which is a kind of a turn-off. Most games on facebook allows you to progress even without that requirement. I know this is a social game but there are certain people out there that play games but does not want to trouble their friends with such request or does not want to add facebook friends other than their real-life friends. I wish they would make other features to boost the social part instead of this. Other than that, the game is good.

Start your aviation story now.

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