Alchemy Tower

Alchemy Tower is a new game on Facebook that concentrates on a certain weird individual, the alchemist which goes on collecting items and mixing them to make potions. The game is still in beta and looks  promising as it gives off a unique idea not seen on most Facebook games of today.

The graphics is really good and the world of alchemy tower is drawn very nicely. The alchemy tower, located in the middle of the map in which the alchemist lives is done in great detail. You can see inside the tower how busy the alchemist is, running around, doing some work in the work bench, flipping pages of the recipe book, selecting ingredients in the cabinet, going down the dungeons and more. Also the landscape surrounding the tower is also great and gives a distinct atmosphere in every place.

Alchemist Tower allows players to become an alchemist that crafts potions. The game starts off with a tutorial teaching newbies how to brew potions and how to find the ingredients for it. The ingredients are found outside the tower and the alchemist must go down and explore the environment to acquire the needed items to make a certain potion.

After that, players are left to explore the world of Alchemy Tower in search for ingredients that may range from common to unique ones. Some ingredients can be found directly in the world and can be pick off but will need some time before it can be acquired again. Most ingredients can be bought from the merchant and varies in prices. the common ones are cheap while high level ingredients require a large amount of money.

Alchemist do not brew potions directly, instead they first need to know the recipe of a certain potion before brewing it. Recipes are scattered at the lower level of the tower. There are multiple dungeons below the tower which houses the recipes the alchemist needs to read. Every dungeon has a level and money requirement before it is open for access. Note that recipes also need a certain level experience before it can be read.

As players brew potions from the recipes they have, they get experience and money for each potion. Players start with a simple workbench which allows one potion to be created. As our alchemist gets experience the work bench is also upgraded allowing multiple potions to be made at the same time. Some potion may require multiple ingredients of different elements and may vary in brewing time. Some may be for only a second while some may take hours before it is finished.

Aside from the potions, the game also has the elements (creatures that are based on certain elements like fire, grass, etc.) to keep our alchemist busy. To acquire these elements, players must brew potions after potions until the game notifies them that they have attracted a certain element.

So what is the potion used for, this is where the social part of Alchemy Tower comes in. As this a game on Facebook, alchemy tower allows players to send potions to other alchemist and have them drink the potions they have brewed. Every potion has a distinct effect and it is fun to see what will happen to those that drink it. The friend who receives and drinks  the potion literally become guinea pigs for the alchemist that made the potion. Aside from sending potions, players are also welcome to visit other towers and stir the potions from other workbenches.

Overall the game is good considering it is still in beta but could need some more things to do aside from potion brewing. I feel it lacks a bit of certain game play to make it more enjoyable. But since it is still in beta, the developers may have some good ideas and features in store for players in the upcoming patches.

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