A whole new Adventure awaits…. from Zynga

Zynga is on a streak of releasing new games, after the debut of Empires and Allies comes a new game that also ditches on the traditional ‘ville’ brandname of Zynga games. Adventure World from Zynga looks promising and looks like will dominate the treasure hunting genre. Information and details about the game is not released yet but Zynga has made a teaser trailer to satisfy facebook gamers.

The trailer itself is very good and by the looks of it, gamers will be able to have a great adventure by exploring tons of maps like ancient Egypt, exotic jungles, treacherous volcanoes, and many more. Also based on the trailer, I think the game will incorporate a bit of puzzle-solving in its mechanics which surely deepen the gameplay.

You can watch the trailer here or visit their official Facebook page.

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