Adventure World Begins…

The newest game from Zynga is now live on Facebook. Players will now be able to experience a game that is a bit different from previous Zynga titles. This time around it is not about building empires or cities, it is all about going on adventures in themed environments.

The game is said to be the biggest Zynga game as of yet. It has to big, as the game revolves around exploration and adventure.

The game looks promising and is done beautifully. The graphics and animations work smoothly for an adventure-type of game. The environment is done pretty well. As of now, there are 5 theme environments to explore to and I think there are more to come.

Setting aside the graphics, the game offers some puzzles in it that require a bit of thinking and a point-and-click style of game play to progress. Some of its mechanics borrow from previous titles like the energy bar, neighbor requirements and leveling up through experience points. You might think that it might be boring because of this, but think again. In Adventure World, there are a lot of things to do. As an explorer you need to find lots of artifacts which is your main quest, go on tons of explorations (has time/day limit depending on the difficulty of the exploration) and also save some individuals (side quests) to become the hero of the day.

Start your own adventure now. Please come back though and share comments regarding the game. Have fun.

Link to Adventure World on Facebook.

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