Tetris Friends

Tetris Friends is one of the most played tetris game on Facebook today.Tetris Friends have its roots from the original Tetris game which is one of the most played puzzle games of all time. Being redesigned and added with new modes and features, Tetris Friends will surely grab attention among tetris fans and gamers alike.

The game developers of Tetris Friends is the Tetris Online Inc., a developer and publisher of electronic entertainment properties. They had incorporated it with new game modes such as Tetris Ultra, Tetris Marathon, Tetris Sprint, Tetris Sprint 5PLayers, and Tetris Block Star. Players can choose what mode they want to play. These modes represent  varying gameplay which is very vital for a puzzle game to keep players continue playing.

The game play is the same with the classic Tetris but is enhanced with the different modes available. The game is quite fast paced as you need critical decision making and fast reflexes specially in the sprint mode and 5P sprint mode where you compete against other players. To those who don’t know the game yet,you try to make and clear as many lines as you can with the bricks that fall in the screen, failing to do so will fill your play area overtime and will result to a game over. The greater the number of lines you clear in one action the bigger the points are awarded. Also some modes, like the marathon gets faster over the course of time as you progress to the higher levels. This means that your reflex speed and decision making must also match up with the tile speed in order to keep the game going. There are also a bunch of tricks hidden it Tetris Friends and it is up to the players to discover it.

To be successful in Tetris Battle, you must think quickly and you must have a strategy on how to clear lines to acquire bigger scores. Time is the most essential aspect in this game. There is also the challenge tab in the game where you can play with your friends over the internet. The game also keeps track with your scores and achievements you have for you to see.

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